All Connected,
Media Content Ecosystem
for Multilayered Monetization


Publication + Crypto = PUBLYTO

Media content producers can conveniently Plug-in block chain-based monetization systems with high levels of security and transparency in any digital media environment that they normally use or own.

User’s revenue-generating activity that can be deployed on PUBLYTO network are largely divided into rewards, advertising sales, and donations.

Users can install Plug-ins anywhere, regardless of their UGC(User Generated Content) format such as personal blog, social blog, and communities. PUBLYTO is also a block chain-based media content ecosystem that enables users to generate revenue through User to User based advertising transactions.

PUBLYTO Plug-in enables cross-media, fair and unified conventions, easy installation and legacy recovery.


The effective and legal international standards(ISO)
in the overall media content market
as a block chain-based monetization network

PUBLYTO will connect waterways (network) that penetrate the media market as a whole and plant trees (Plug-ins).

Target Market

Market segmentation with entry barriers and marketability as key variables

The primary market will be User Generated Content(UGC), which enables users to produce contents without the permissions from platform providers. Next, we will enter social media as a secondary market and personal multimedia will enter the third market. And it will be expand into the fourth market of media outlets targeting magazine media companies such as Condé Nast which has Vogue and GQ as well as news media such as the New York Times, the Mainich, Reuters, UPI, AP and AFP.

  • Average Monthly Page Views

  • User Profiles

  • Installed Plug-ins


  • Ambivalence

    The platform lagged behind the competition has lost motivation and The User’s sincerity and travail have vanished into thin air. Already 43% of publishers are drifting online somewhere, leaving their published content independently of their will.


    Less than 0.1% of people in the UGC sector are actually making money through revenue-generating activities. Do you wonder how much they earn? They only get an advertising income of around $ 3 per month.

  • The limit of compentation

    If the token economy depends solely on compensation, the user is forced to stay in the ‘worker’.

    The century of domination

    There is high entry barrier for new subscribers or users with low available bandwidth, i.e., me-media owners.

The Solution

  • Content Portal

    Solution I

    The Content portal of PUBLYTO can summon for any media content that has an PUBLYTO Plug-in applied to it. Not only that, but it will also be a field of all activities that require each other, such as subscription and sign-in, guide to Plug-in usage, advertising transactions, content publishing, trending, search, revenue monitoring, and cryptocurrency transactions.

  • PUBLYTO Plug-in

    Solution II

    You don’t have to worry about the blockchain, the tokens, and the rewards to make money. Just install the PUBLYTO Plug-in.

  • The amalgamation of Envicase & PUBLYTO

    Solution III

    Envicase, the first dApp in PUBLYTO, is a content publishing service launched in 2015.

    We are confident that Envicase will manifest leadership that will lead the whole PUBLYTO network and token economy.

  • PUBLYTO external dApps

    Solution IV

    It will be sucked into the PUBLYTO’s ecosystem whether it’s personal blogs, social blogs, social media, video, media, magazines, e-commerce, or webtoons.



Symbol: PUB
Exchange Rate: est. 0.1 USD
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PUB
Tokens For Sale: 28,000,000 PUB
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20
Accepting: ETH, EOS
Round Details: To be announced before the token sale phase begins

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Cooperation for mutual benefit,
a survival strategy very common in natural systems,
is one that humanity needs to emulate.

Eugene P. Odum

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